Yes, Prime Minister

29th September 2014

Climate Spectator has published an open letter from six groups to our Prime Minister (29/9/14). Here are some extracts:

"Dear Prime Minister,

"On behalf of Australia’s electricity consumers and the clean energy industry we write to you to urge you to keep the Renewable Energy Target in its current form. ...

"The greatest threat to household energy prices in the next five years is the sharply rising cost of natural gas as a result of linking Australia’s gas price to the international LNG market. Wholesale gas prices have already more than doubled and this is a major concern to consumer advocates and other sectors such as manufacturing.

"If the RET is cut, Australia’s greater reliance on gas-fired power will increase the cost of power for all energy users. 

"The RET has helped more than two million Australian households to take up rooftop solar PV and solar hot water systems as a way of managing rising electricity prices."

Signed by:

  • Brotherhood of St Lawrence
  • Alternative Technology Association
  • Public Interest Advocacy Centre
  • Australian Council of Social Services
  • Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre
  • Ethnic Community Council of NSW 

Read the full letter at:


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