Victorian Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs provide people producing their own renewable energy with a financial return for the excess power they feed into the grid.

  • Once the system is installed you may also so be eligible for a solar feed in tariff from your electricity retailer. This is where you export any excess electricity to the grid and they pay you a small fee or provide a credit. This helps to pay off the investment.
  • Compare the offers of the various electricity retailers taking note of how much they will pay you for the electricity you export, how much they will charge you  for the electricity you import, and if there are any changes to existing benefits like off-peak rates. If necessary change your electricity retailer (after the PV system is installed).
  • You get to use the electricity your PV panels generate before it is exported. This is more valuable to you as the cost of buying electricity is greater than they will pay you for what you export. Try to use as much power as possible – eg washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc whilst the sun is shining.
  • Otherwise try to be as energy efficient as possible by installing efficient lights, buying energy efficient appliances and turning them off at the power point when not in use.