Premium Hybrids using Selectronic

Take control of your power with the Australian Selectronic MyGrid Energy Centre just like the Wilson family did! Check out The Age for the full article: Our solar hybrid install in The Age

This premium Selectronic solution is top-of-the-line Australian innovation built on Selectronic's 50 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. It consists of the Selectronic MyGrid Energy Centre which is a modular, expandable battery enclosure kit containing German Sonnenschein gel batteries, which would be perfectly situated in your garage or shed. Every enclosure is about 5kWh of usable storage so you can see from the photo above there are 2 enclosures stacked on top of each other to give 10kWh. So that's about 1 cubic metre area for every 10kWh of usable energy storage.

Selectronic SP Pro interactive inverters control the charging of your battery bank, energy supply to your loads, and are our first choice for all off grid & hybrid systems. It has 8 programmable scenarios so you can take full advantage of your solar generation over the various seasons of the year, as well as for tariff optimisation and self consumption. It also boasts automatic switchover to battery power in the event of a grid failure, so you are never without power. (Other hybrid inverter brands can take about 10 seconds to switchover.)

Selectronic partners with German KACO grid-connect solar inverters to complete your solar hybrid MyGrid Energy Centre, in an AC coupled configuration. The Selectronic and KACO inverters communicate with each other to provide optimum solar charging to the battery bank and allow you take control of your power!

Here are some approximate costs:

1) 5kWh battery + 3kW SP PRO + 3kW solar
Selectronic MyGrid 5kWh usable storage with SP PRO 3kW 24V interactive inverter SPMC240-AU = $9,000
3kW solar, mounting gear, German KACO Powador 3002 inverter = $6,000
Electrical installation, switchgear, signage, etc = $3,000
TOTAL = $18,000

2) 10kWh battery + 5kW SP PRO + 5kW solar
Selectronic MyGrid 10kWh usable storage with SP PRO 5kW 48V interactive inverter SPMC481-AU = $13,500
5kW solar, mounting gear, German KACO Powador 6002 inverter = $10,000
Electrical installation, switchgear, signage, etc = $4,500
TOTAL = $28,000

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