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Visit the Going Solar store in Carlton Vic for all your beekeeping supplies. Bee boxes, frames, excluders, foundation wax, protective wear, tools, extractor hire and more beekeeping supplies. We also provide a mail order service.

A wonderful relationship exists between humans and the honeybee. It's one that benefits both - we provide the bees with a home and (in the case of commercial apiaries transport the hives around the countryside to where the trees are in flower) and the bees provide us with honey, wax and other products. Each bee colony consists of one queen, a number of drones (male bees) and thousands of workers (female bees). The drones' sole job is to fertilise the queen. The queen lays the eggs, and the workers do everything else including guarding, cleaning, feeding and harvesting.


There are two main ways to acquire bees. Either buy them from a beekeeper or collect a swarm. Either way you need to buy and prepare your hive equipment first. Swarming is the natural way the bee colony divides. Most swarms appear from mid-September to mid-November.


We sell beehives that you can assemble yourself to reduce cost. Timber boxes and frames need to be glued, set and nailed and the outside of the boxes at least must be painted. (We recommend white, Bio non-toxic, enamel lacquer undercoat & paint.)

Boxes must be in standard sizes, either:

8 frames in each box (8 Frame Super)
10 frames in each box (10 Frame Super)

Boxes are sometimes called brood chambers or supers. Once you decide on a size, stick to it! The hive also needs a lid (with vent holes and a metal cover) and a base (with a landing strip and special risers to create the entrance).


Inside the hive are frames which support sheets of foundation wax. One sheet of wax is used per frame which encourages the bees to build worker cells. With timber frames, wire needs to be strung tightly across the frame with the aid of eyelets (so the wire doesn't cut into the wood). The wax is then embedded into the wire with a spur wheel (or electric) embedder.  Alternatively you can buy pre-assembled frames complete with wire and with foundation wax fitted for $7.95 per frame.

To stop the queen laying in the top boxes a queen excluder is used. These allow only the workers to pass so that only honey will be stored in the top boxes to allow for easier extraction.

See the link to the price list for our full range beekeeping equipment. Some items are listed below.

Download our Beekeeping equipment price list December 2017:   Beekeeping Price List December 2017   

* Prices and details are subject to change without notice. Prices are correct at 5-11-17

Description Price ($) Photo

Bee Box full depth (8 or 10 frame size)

Bee Box Assembled (FD, 8 or 10 size)



Migratory Lid (8 or 10 frame size) $30/$28

Wooden Base (8 or 10 frames) $21/$22

Frame FD (kit)

Frame FD (wired without wax)

Frame FD (wired with wax)





Bee on water - Photo by Peter Debicki

Bee on water - Photo by Peter Debicki


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