Concertina Foil Batts

Concertina Foil Batts - ceiling. wall and floor - radiant insulation

Consertina Foil batts are a radiant heat barrier made of consertina style aluminium foil.  Laid over the top of fibrous (bulk) insulation they provide extra insulation for walls, ceilings and floors. Keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 



Concertina Foil Batts as ceiling insulation

 Combination insulation system - DUAL WINTER AND SUMMER CLIMATES

 FOIL BATTS simply laid over fibrous insulation (33deg tested R value) maintaining concertina air spaces.

 NOT STAPLED in ceilings – deemed to be electrically safe (conclusions from 2014 Royal Commission – Home Insulation Program)

 Do not pull tight. Dust is of little importance on top surface - bottom triangular foil airspaces emit or re-radiate approx 3% of all summer heat.

 Ceiling temperatures reduced by approx 5-10 deg, depending on thickness of existing insulation.

 Extra R Value = approx R1.0 down/summer, R0.5 up/winter.

 Extreme radiant heat from roof is stopped,creating comfort in the rooms below, and reduces air conditioning running costs.

 Laid direct on ceilings in triangular profile for dominant summer climates.

 Two FOIL BATTS, in triangular profile, one on ceiling, the other on top of joists provides maximum heat flow down summer benefit.




Concertina Foil Batts as ceiling insulation for flat roofs

 Use two FOIL BATTS stapled between rafters plus foil under 
    metal roofs - Approx total R4 down/summer R2 up/winter.

 Bottom layer can rest on ceiling battens, maintaining  3% low emitting foil airspace.

 Extreme radiant heat from roof is stopped.

 Do NOT use bulk insulations in narrow cavities = rapid summer heat transfer and 40% R value reduction.




Concertina Foil Batts as ceiling insulation

  FOIL BATTS stapled between rafters stopping 97% summer radiant heat, 
    under 80-100 deg roofs.

  Dust on upper foil surface is of little importance - downward air spaces 
     constantly emit/re radiate only 3%.

  Reduces heat load on airconditioning ductwork insulation
     (33deg tested R value) causing lower running costs.

  Also reduces summer heat on ceilings, but for winter and summer benefit,
     best position is laying on top of bulk.
     Winter heat escape must be stopped at ceiling, not roof level.

  Attic extensions - staple 2 FOIL BATTS in narrow rafter cavities.
     R2.5 batts will get too hot in summer.




Concertina Foil Batts in walls

  Snipped and stapled between timber studs, do not settle or slump

  Airspace created to allow external sarking foils to function - inner foil      emitting 3% radiation

  Do NOT use R1.5-2.5 batts - contact with foil causes summer heat      transfer into batts and then onto internal walls

  Zero summer heat radiation transfer - multiple aluminium airspaces     formed, similar to thermos flask

  Highest radiation load on second storey western walls

  Total R value, with external foil (double sided antiglare - 
     eg. Bradford 733) = R2.6 winter brick veneer/weatherboard




Concertina Foil Batts under wooden floor   

 New and existing floors - overlapped and stapled to joists with min 50mm airspace = Total R3.0

  97% radiant heat flow down - reflected back to maintain warmer floor temperature

  Create still air above and below FOIL BATT. Enclosed perimeter walls (eg brick veneer or shade cloth behind base boards).     Open perimeter walls - use floor joist underlining

  Joist tops clear for gluing and cramping of flooring & easier than draping foil or supporting fibre batts with chicken wire

  Unstable base for nesting of rats and rodents, ie other insulations can support vermin

  Perforated FOIL BATTS allows floors to drain moisture from rain. Retrofit for existing floors do not need perforation holes.     Breathing of timbers occurs through unsealed overlaps. Recommended for use by Timber Promotion Council (VIC).


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