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Efergy is a global manufacturer of energy monitoring systems utilizing a variety of technologies including CT sensors, IR optical and Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The name means “efficient energy” and the goal is to help you to reduce your energy use, save money and save the environment. Efergy's wireless electricity monitors and other energy saving products help you to understand how much energy you are using in real time and how much that energy is costing you. Efergy systems also provide an array of historical information which empowers home and business owners to reduce their use of energy. 

With our headquarters in the UK, efergy has sold over 800k energy monitors and 250k energy saving products in over 50 countries, with offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, China, Australia, United States and Canada. New product development and customer satisfaction is paramount to efergy and like them, at Going Solar, we really care about helping our customers to get the best out of our products.

The flagship product line consists of our easy-to-use wireless electricity monitors. Efergy electricity monitors help you to instantly see how much energy you are using so you can take action to reduce it. The wide range of energy monitoring products are designed to make it easy for any home or small business owner to quickly and effectively reduce their use of electrical energy.

The e2 classic includes 9 new features so you can get the latest in energy monitoring. The e2 will help you understand better how much energy and money you consume in your home. It includes an innovative software package so you can track your energy usage on your computer

New advanced features

  • New and improved display 
  • Up to 5 different currencies available (£, €, $, Kr, R)
  • Showing per day calculations for a better understanding and feedback
  • Increased data storage capacity: up to 24 months history data
  • New elink energy management software included for FREE
  • Select up to 4 different tariff settings
  • Improved incremental stepping on the voltage, costs, carbon emissions and alarm
  • Audio alert if you exceed your set maximum consumption target
  • Peak time symbol when the most expensive tariff is in use

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