Equinox by Rinnai

Equinox Solar Hot Water by Rinnai

In 2007, Rinnai Australia purchased Beasley Industries, a leader in solar hot water systems since the 1960s. The stainless steel tanks and flat plate collector panels of the Equinox range are still made by Rinnai in the same Adelaide manufacturing plant used by Beasley.

Since 2007, Rinnai has worked steadily to maintain and build on the best features and quality of the Beasley solar hot water range and now offers a complete range of the highest quality solar hot water technologies and configurations. They have also established the Equinox solar hot water dealer network, providing assistance to businesses like Going Solar that specialise in solar hot water systems. Equinox dealers have the training and support to take the extra time needed to help each customer select the most suitable system for their building, their hot water needs and their budget.

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