How Buildings Gaid and Lose Heat


Going Solar sells a number of brands and types of insulation which are listed below.

See the Case Study at right for information on the basics of good insulation.



GreenStuff - ceiling. wall and floor - bulk insulation

GreenStuf Insulation Batts are designed for the thermal insulation of buildings and can be used in ceilings, internal and external walls and mid-floor cavities. These Batts come as insulation segments pre-cut to fit standard timber-framed walls and ceilings. Thermally bonded into shape, GreenStuf Insulation Batts are designed to be self-supporting and require no stapling into place. GreenStuf also offers a range of underfloor and acoustic insulation. 

        GreenSuf insulation              Greenstuf insulation

More information on GreenStuff batts here



Concertina Foil Batts - ceiling. wall and floor - radiant insulation

Consertina Foil Batts are a radiant heat barrier made of consertina style aluminium foil, laid over the top of fibrous insulation they provide extra insulation for walls, ceilings and floors. Keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

  Concertina Foil Batts   Concertina Foil Batts    Floor insulation

More information on Concertina Foil Batts here



Renshade - window, skylight and transparent roof - radiant, semi transparent, insulation

Renshade is a perforated aluminium foil  for windows. Keep your house cool with Australian made, owned & designed Renshade for windows, skylights and transparent roofs.

           Renshade foil

More information on Renshade here



Clear Comfort - window - transparent insulation

With Clear Comfort intelligent window insulation you will create a year-round comfort zone for your family, while enjoying clear views and unimpeded daylight. ClearComfort insulation is a tough, transparent membrane that attaches to your window frame to enclose an insulating layer of air. It is suitable for all types of windows.

    Clear Comfort intelligent insulation      

More information on Clear Comfort film here



How Buildings Gain or Lose Heat

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