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Kaco energy

KACO new energy GmbH with its headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany, specialises in PV inverters and monitoring systems as well as in power supply systems for rail and industrial applications. As a leading manufacturer in this field, the company has produced over 5 gigawatts of PV inverters since 1999. The company has been leading in the field for several years, and has many lines of grid tie inverters. Their products have exceptional heat resistance, low-power efficiency, and reverse polarity protection. All of the products are tested intensively to ensure quality and performance. KACO new energy have a close working relationship with Australian inverter manufacturer Selectronic, and provide many advantages over their competition with KACO Powador & Selectronic SP Pro combinations which can be used in both off grid and hybrid applications.

The company’s hallmark is the demand it places on quality. KACO new energy is the first manufacturer to give a seven year standard manufacturer warranty on its inverters. Shipments to customers only include devices that have successfully passed extensive thermal and electronic test processes under extreme operating conditions. KACO new energy’s philosophy is that even a high degree of efficiency cannot compensate for the damage caused by an inverter failure on a good sunny day!

Kaco Powador

Warranty: 7 to 12 years


KACO Powador 2002- 3002- 4202- 6002 Specs

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