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Going Solar is committed to world-leading Australian brands who bring us innovative designs, engineering & manufacturing, local service & support and reputations for reliability that you expect when you buy Australian made.

Latronics is an Australian company, based in Queensland, offering a wide range of products for converting DC battery into AC power for use in household devices (inverters for off grid systems), or for grid connect applications. Like Going Solar, Latronics is committed to environmental sustainability and was the world's first Carbon Neutral Inverter Manufacturer with 26kW solar array installed on their factory roof in Caloundra QLD. Since 1985, Latronics have manufactured customised units for mines, railways, telecommunications and various power utilities; and have supplied quality inverters for domestic, industrial and alternative energy markets to over 30 countries. Latronics off-grid inverters in particular, are well known for their excellent reputation and reliability in harsh Australian conditions.

Grid connect applications

Going Solar is excited to announce the arrival of the latest Latronics TG series inverter which features:

  • Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Wifi monitoring so it can be easily monitored with your smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Fan-less heatsink cooling incorporates natural convection technology to ensure the inverter operates silently without the need for any noisy fans
  • Transformer-less design boasts an incredible maximum energy efficiency of 97.1% peak
  • Back-lit LCD screen displaying in-depth graphical data at a glance
  • Conformal coating to guard against the effects of moisture and corrosion and extend the longevity of Latronics already robust equipment.

The proven Latronics PV Edge series of low-voltage grid connect inverters, uses more strings with fewer panels on each, thereby mitigating the risks commonly attributed to domestic solar power. Partial shading of the solar array for example, will not compromise the whole array in this parallel string configuration.  


Latronics TG series grid connect inverters

Latronics PV Edge grid connect inverters


Off grid applications

Latronics LS Stand-alone inverter

Latronics off grid (Stand-alone) inverters are well known for their excellent reputation and reliability in harsh Australian conditions. The Latronics LS Series Stand-alone inverters are powerful, reliable and utilise advanced microprocessor algorithms to ensure your power conversion is pure and stable. Smart battery chargers, kWh meters, Turbine Controllers and AC Transfer Switch units are also part of the extensive Latronics range, with options suitable for small caravans & marine, to industrial rack mount applications.


Latronics AC Transfer Switch is a hassle free solution for automatically switching between multiple AC power sources. Fast input switching ensures a smooth transparent transition between power sources. The unit senses AC power from various sources, eg. Inverter / Generator / Mains power, and automatically switches the AC output between the various sources accordingly. With prioritised inputs, the most appropriate power source is always selected.


Latronics LS series Stand-alone inverters

Latronics turbine controller TC series

Latronics Automatic AC Transfer Switch (ACTS)



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