Nectre wood heaters (Australian)

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The traditional Nectre wood range heaters are proudly made in Australia. With an extensive range of wood heaters with both freestanding and inbuilt options. Traditional Nectre freestanding units are available with the option of legs or pedestal base. With 40 years in the wood heater industry we recommend the Nectre wood heaters. Some units can be fitted with a water jacket to boost your solar hot water system.

Nectre 15 LE on legsNectre 15 LE on pedestal  

                  Nectre 15                                   Nectre 15    


                          Nectre Inbuilt LE   

                                       Nectre Inbuilt


Nectre Mk1 LE on legs Nectre Mk2 LE on pedestal 

              Nectre Mk 1                                 Nectre Mk 2     


                             Nectre Mega LE on legs

                                            Nectre Mega


    Nectre Bakers Oven     Nectre Big Bakers Oven 

           Nectre Bakers Oven                   Nectre Big Bakers Oven   


                            Nectre Pizza Oven

                                    Nectre Pizza Oven


                Nectre 60 Naked Sides                    Nectre 60 Tiled Sides        

         Nectre 60 (naked sides)             Nectre 60 (tiled sides)     


                             Nectre 60 Curved Sides

                                 Nectre 60 (curved sides)   


Going Solar is committed to world-leading Australian brands who bring us innovative designs, engineering & manufacturing, local service & support and reputations for reliability that you expect when you buy Australian made.

Nectre Traditional Brochure (N15, Mk1, Mk2, Mega, Inbuilt, Baker's Oven)

Nectre 60 Brochure

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