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Founded in 2001, Outback Power Technologies is an American company based in Washington, with a focus on product quality, reliability and customer service. Outback Power is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile applications. At Going Solar we stock the FLEXmax, an advanced MPPT controller designed to improve the yield of a PV array by as much as 30%. The system also has a highly effective cooling system, allowing it to operate at its maximum current even in temperatures of up to 40 degrees. With data recording for up to 128 days and a remote control and programing system, the FLEXmax provides an MPPT controller to match the most advanced photovoltaic systems. OutBack's customers are located in many remote locations around the world, from highly sensitive government applications where durability and reliability are essential to home owners and business owners who rely on solar and wind power as their primary source of energy.

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