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Going Solar is committed to world-leading Australian brands who bring us innovative designs, engineering & manufacturing, local service & support and reputations for reliability that you expect when you buy Australian made. Plasmatronics is an Australian company which specialises in the design and manufacture of electronic regulating and metering devices for solar power systems.  

The Plasmatronics PL series of solar controllers are exceptionally versatile with the best reputation for reliability in harsh Australian conditions. They give the user unparalleled capability to adjust the function of the controller and to monitor the performance of the energy system. At a competitive price, this series boasts an easy to use, easy to learn one button interface, a selectable voltage system, and total heat resistance up to fifty degrees Celcius ambient temperature and comes in 20A (PL20), 40A (PL40) and 60A (PL60) charging units.

Plasmatronics PL20Plasmatronics PL60

The Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 and brand new Dingo 40/40P is the next generation charge controller which inherits many of the best features of the PL series of controllers. Some of the new features for the Dingo 20/20 are:

  • Negative ground (Dingo20/20 only) & perfectly suited to marine & mobile applications
  • LED backlight
  • MODBUS communications bus
  • More history data storage
  • Sleak, modern look with wiring covers

Plasmatronics Dingo 40/40P

Plasmatronics is based locally in Melbourne, Victoria.

Data Sheets:

Plasmatronics Dingo system brochure

Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 brochure

Plasmatronics Dingo 40/40P brochure

Plasmatronics Dingo Installation Wiring Diagram

Plasmatronics PL brochure

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