Renshade (Australian)

Renshade is a perforated aluminium foil holland blinds for windows - The remarkable see through insulation!

Keep your house cool with Australian made, owned & designed Concertina foil batts for ceilings & Renshade blinds for windows.

Renshade features:

  • Keeps out heat - but lets light in
  • Extreme summer heat is blocked - but not the view - see out but not in
  • No blinding glare from sun - only gentle filtered light
  • Lowers cooling costs - heat load on airconditioning is greatly reduced

Retrofitting Windows - double glazing and reflective foil shading

Check out this great DIY video about using Renshade for your own windows:



Consertina Foil batts are a radiant heat barrier made of consetina style aluminium foil, laid over the top of ribrous insulation they provide extra insulation for walls, ceilings and floors. Kepping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Combination insulation system - DUAL WINTER AND SUMMER CLIMATES

FOIL BATTS simply laid over fibrous insulation (33deg tested R value) maintaining concertina air spaces.

Do not pull tight. Dust is of little importance on top surface - bottom triangular foil airspaces emit or re-radiate approx 3% of all summer heat.

Ceiling temperatures reduced by approx 5-10 deg, depending on thickness of existing insulation.

Extra R Value = approx R1.0 down/summer, R0.5 up/winter.

Extreme radiant heat from roof is stopped,creating comfort in the rooms below, and reduces air conditioning running costs.

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PRICE LIST for Concertina Foil Batts:

Concertina Foil Batts Price List @ 4/2/16


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