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Going Solar is committed to world-leading Australian brands who bring us innovative designs, engineering & manufacturing, local service & support and reputations for reliability that you expect when you buy Australian made.

Selectronic is an Australian innovator and manufacturer of power conversion products, specifically designed for renewable energy and battery systems. Selectronic's head office is in Melbourne and the company has been around for almost as long as we have! Going Solar believes in supporting local Australian businesses, who provide fast service and local knowledge. 

Selectronic SP Pro interactive inverters are our first choice for off grid & hybrid systems:
•    Battery grid interactive
•    Programmable to set for battery use off grid or hybrid
•    Australian Made
•    Product support
•    Premium Quality
•    Good Pricing
•    Proven product
•    Accredited SP Pro installer warranty up to 8 years (Being SP PRO Accredited Integrators means that Going Solar can provide up to 3 years additional warranty compared to the standard 5 year warranty).

A SP Pro hybrid system will export excess solar power to the grid when household load requirements are met & batteries are fully charged.


A SP Pro hybrid system will import grid power when the solar power is insufficient to power household loads & chanrge the battery.

Founded in 1964 by the Scott family, Selectronic Australia quickly established itself as a major manufacturer of custom made transformers and inductors for the local electronics industry. Driven by demand from the Solar industry and a passion for green energy, Selectronic Australia expanded its product offering to include inverters with higher power ratings. In 1994 the company produced one of the world’s first true sine wave inverters. Selectronic Australia has grown through a philosophy of providing products and solutions that focus on the customer needs and today this second generation family company is one of the largest Off Grid inverter manufacturers in the world. Using innovative technologies, Selectronic Australia’s power conversion products provide a cutting-edge basis for efficient, cost effective and green renewable energy systems.

Warranty: up to 8 years


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