Smart energy groups monitoring

Designed and hand-crafted in Melbourne, allows you to connect switchboards to the Internet with their SEGmeter. It senses the energy flowing through the circuits which we can customise into information, beautiful visualisations and graphics.


Going Solar can install a SEGmeter as part of your grid connect solar system or you could use it temporarilty to monitor electricity consumption data and help design the perfect size solar system for your situation.

SEGmeter has a bunch of current sensors which detect the energy flowing through your switchboard, into your circuits for lights, power, air conditioning and other things.
It measures this energy and sends the consumption information to every minute or so. All this data gets turned into information, giving you the insight and the power to use less.

  • get back in control, utility free!
  • know where energy is being used
  • save money on energy bills, up to 20%
  • share, learn and use less


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