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US designed Tigo Energy Module Maximizers utilise patented impedance matching technology, enabling 25% more power density and efficiency, uneven string lengths, different orientations, partial shading, simplifying design and installation, improving fire safety, and ensuring the highest uptime and reliability with cloud-based monitoring. Tigo also has an app for iPhone or Android so you can check the performance of your array at the press of a button, anywhere there is an internet connection. Tigo Maximizers can be retrofitted to any PV module.

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Tigo Maximizer systems also feature:

  • PV Safe™ Arc, Fire and Safety Hazard Prevention technology with the ability to de-energize your solar array at the module, so there are no high voltage wires on the roof
  • Module-Level Monitoring
  • Web browser based monitoring
  • Reduced maintenance and commissioning costs
  • Highest ROI by increasing energy production and maximum system up-time for new systems and retrofits
  • Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Tigo Energy is an innovative force partnering with module, inverter and combiner box manufacturers to embed these technologies.

In November 2010, independent testing by the prestigious Photon Laboratory proved to the solar industry that Tigo DC optimizers contribute substantial gains in a variety of settings, including unshaded arrays. Since publishing the results DC optimizers have seen tremendous growth in residential, commercial and utility markets.

Validated Production Improvement:
Unshaded = 3.2%
Pole Shade = 20.8%
Horizontal Shade = 36.8%


Tigo Energy is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists.  Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semi-conductors, power electronics, and solar energy the Tigo Energy team developed the first generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. 

The uniquely intelligent Tigo Smart Module product are built-in to the module to provide accurate tracking of the performance of each panel, as well as simplifying installation and leaving flexibility for upgrades as technology improves.

Tigo Energy's smart module partners provide all the benefits of Tigo's retrofit solutions and more. Smart Modules Provide:

  • No more boxes, fast installation
  • Unrivaled bankability
  • Smart curve, enables 30% longer strings
  • Module-level monitoring, reduced O&M and commissioning costs
  • Increased energy harvest and system uptime for proven ROI

Warranty: 20 years 

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