Tindo Solar (Australian)

Tindo Solar

Going Solar supplies only the best premium quality photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Tindo is the fusion of world-class manufacturing with Australian innovation and we are creating the next generation of photovoltaic solar panels. Tindo panels are manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia. Tindo is proud to be 100% Australian owned. Tindo panels are made for Life — with pride and passion, along with a pedigree of excellence. At the heart of the Karra-250 photovoltaic module is brilliant technical and intelligent design fused with a range of innovative materials that make it the ultimate solar panel.

Everybody should have a panel this advanced.

Welcome to Tindo Solar! Richard, Adrian and the Tindo Solar team say:

"The Tindo Karra-250 solar panel is manufactured in Australia and we invite you to visit our factory to watch panels being created. You will love the Karra-250, the most beautiful solar panel ... in the world. At Tindo we have designed and are manufacturing a module without compromise. Our partners are global solar industry leaders who zealously value their fine reputations. Tindo Solar is proud to be associated with them."

Our guarantee

The Tindo Karra-250 are built to the highest industry standards in a state of the art factory, each panel comes with a 25 year performance guarantee. This guarantee provides important long-term piece of

mind for purchasers – that is important to us.


Tindo Karra-250 AC Module.

You can monitor each Karra-250 individually at home or on your smart phone - anywhere in the world. With a conventional system, you wouldn't know if a panel was underperforming. And if suspected there was a fault, every panel needs to be removed and individually tested. Our individual panel monitoring makes it so much simpler and easier to keep track of your solar panels. Here is a screenshot below:


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