Watts Clever solar electricity monitors

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Watts Clever provide simple and easy to use products for households and businesses to understand and control their levels of electricity consumption. The range of energy monitors and In-Home Displays (IHD) allow you to see what you are spending in real time, and the range of energy saving products allow you to do something to control those costs.

Watts Clever wireless solar energy monitor EW4009

The Watts Clever wireless solar energy monitor EW4009, with CTs installed in your switchboard, measures solar energy, house energy and the net or balance energy. It is one of the few products on the market that meaures both the solar and the house energy separately, which is important if you want to know how much total energy has been consumer in your household.

Watts Clever easy-off remote control socket set

The Watts Clever Easy-off is a set of 3 sockets and remote control unit which allows you to turn off the sockets and any equipment connected to the sockets by remote control. The socket and remote control do not have to be in sight of each other as the product works with radio frequency, so it will work through walls and ceilings. It is an ideal product to control many pieces of equipment from a single source.


Watts Clever wireless solar energy monitor EW4009 user guide


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