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Going Solar supplies the best premium quality photovoltaic (PV) panels. 

WINAICO manufactures its high performance solar modules on an ultramodern and fully automatic production line. Quality is assured by the strictest quality management from incoming inspection of products through the entire value chain to a 100% visual, micro-optical, mechanical and electrical final inspection.

WINAICO consistently ranks in the world's top 10 in Photon Laboratory's performance tests, achieving a company record of second place in October 2010. WINAICO's Australian office is located in Sydney, providing local service and support. Going Solar is a long standing partner and Victorian distributor of WINAICO products.

The WINAICO PERC modules set a new technological standard and are without competition. Using innovative backside passivation and selective emitter technology, the PERC module series combines highest efficiencies, increased performance at high temperatures and low light conditions along with the known longevity and quality of WINAICO.

WINAICO polycrystalline modules rank first in the latest Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) field tests, exceeding the performance of the Panasonic/ Sanyo HIT module, and 'outshining' other crystalline modules like REC, Q-Cells, Kyocera and SunPower. 

Normalized test results from Desert Knowledge Centre are shown in graphical format below.

To match these spectacular results Winaico also ranked first in recent Australian National University (ANU) solar PV panel tests, published in the July-September 2013 issue of Australian magazine ReNew, with a record-breaking yield performance in winter conditions with a score of 108.8%. These impressive results confirm that Winiaico’s high efficiency modules provide considerably higher power output than their nameplate rating, or price tag suggest. Winaico also offers a WST model project module that has been introduced for commercial systems, or the more price conscious residential customer.  Contact us for a system design and detailed estimate today.

WINAICO has worked with over 500 partners the world over to build thousands of systems which generate more than 5 GigaWatt-hours (GWh) of solar power a year. 


Warranty: 25 year power output warranty and 15 year product warranty.

Insurance: WINAICO's unique '3 in 1 insurance' policy offers full cover against all loss due to material damage, interruption of service and reduced yield for the first two years from installation. This is included free of charge with the purchase of your WINAICO solar system, with the option to extend for an additional five years.





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