Commercial Consultancy

Going Solar's consultancy services build on over 39 years' experience in the renewable energy and sustainable living industry.

We offer consultancy on projects of all types and sizes. With close attention to the social, financial and economic impacts of the project, we provide advice on:

  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy systems
  • water conservation
  • greenhouse gas abatement
  • government rebates
  • sustainable transport

As leaders in the renewable energy industry, we keep a close eye on new and emerging technologies in Australia and worldwide. This means we can always advise on the most appropriate technology for each project.

We've worked on projects for schools, universities, public housing, commercial offices, residential high rise buildings, nursery glasshouses and eco-tourism sites. See our case studies.

Projects need a sustainability champion to join the project at the pre-planning stage and stay until completion. We work with architects, consulting engineers, developers and government bodies on all aspects of environmentally sustainable design (ESD).   The Going Solar Profile can be found at going_solar_commercial_profile_february_2017.pdf

Contact us if you'd like to find out how Going Solar can help with your project.

Energy Walk-Through for Businesses and Organisations

As well as consulting on new projects, we love to help businesses and organisations reduce their demand for energy in their existing premises. The best way to get started is with an Energy Walk-Through.

As the name suggests, the Energy Walk-Through involves walking through your premises with you and identifying potential issues and solutions, including:

  • building insulation
  • glazing
  • ventilation
  • internal and external blinds
  • lighting
  • energy efficient appliances
  • potential for renewable energy systems

We'll show you how to reduce your energy costs while remaining comfortable in any weather. The walk-through usually takes a couple of hours, and includes a brief report with recommendations.

Price: $1,100.00 including GST

Contact us to book an Energy Walk-Through for your premises.

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Brands we use and recommend for Commercial Consultancy

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WINAICO manufactures on an ultramodern, fully automatic production line. Ranked first in ANU tests & first at Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.

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Renshade (Australian)

Perforated aluminium foil holland blinds for windows - The remarkable see through insulation

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Going Solar sells a number of brands and types of insulation: GreenStuf, Concertina Foil, Renshade and Clear Comfort

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