Energy Efficient Homes

Going Solar takes a holistic approach to energy efficiency. Rather than just selling renewable energy systems, we like to help our customers reduce their demand for energy.

We have two services available for householders: an Energy Walk-Through to help you make your current home more energy efficient, and Ecologically Sustainability Design consultancy if you're building a new home or planning a major renovation.

Energy Walk-Through

The Energy Walk-Through is literally a walk through your home. We talk to you as we identify potential issues and solutions. We'll help you save energy costs and keep warm during winter and cool during summer. The walk-through takes about one hour and costs $220.00 including GST

The Energy Walk-Through covers building insulation, glazing, ventilation, internal and external blinds, lighting, energy efficient appliances and other energy efficient practices. 

Don't worry if your home is a sustainability disaster zone: the walk-through is not about making you feel guilty, but helping you make positive changes.

Contact us today to book an Energy Walk-Through.

Ecologically Sustainable Development

Ecologically sustainable development (ESD) is the core principle of Going Solar's work. We work with anyone building or renovating a home to make informed decisions about design during the research and planning process. This includes:

  • understanding your sustainablity options
  • suggesting sustainable design solutions for your site
  • assessing suitable products and options
  • producing a list of recommendations
  • estimating costs and prices

Contact us today to talk about Ecologically Sustainable Development.

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Brands we use and recommend for Energy Efficient Homes

Watts Clever logo

Watts Clever solar electricity monitors

Watts Clever create simple and easy to use products to control electricity consumption

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Nectre logo

Nectre wood heaters (Australian)

Nectre providing wood heaters for over 40 years and also have boosting options for your solar hot water system

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Clear Comfort window insulation

Clear Comfort

Clear Comfort window insulation is a tough, transparent membrane suitable for all types of windows

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Renshade (Australian)

Perforated aluminium foil holland blinds for windows - The remarkable see through insulation

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How Buildings Gaid and Lose Heat


Going Solar sells a number of brands and types of insulation: GreenStuf, Concertina Foil, Renshade and Clear Comfort

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DraftStoppa (Australian)

DraftStoppa is an innovative self-seal casing for ceiling exhaust fans

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Bio Products non-toxic paints

Bio Paints

Bio Products Pty Ltd has imported and manufactured natural non-toxic paint products since 1985

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Sustainable Cleaning Products

Sustainable Household Cleaning Products & Organic Personal Products

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Bokashi One Composting

Bokashi One

Bokashi One composting is an eco-friendly composting system designed to be used in the kitchen.

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Green Stuff Insulation

Green Stuff Insulation

Thermal & acoustic insulation to improve building envelope performance is an essential consideration for energy efficient buildings

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Concertina Foil Batts - ceiling. wall and floor - radiant insulation

Concertina Foil Batts

Concertina Foil Batts - ceiling. wall and floor - radiant insulation

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