Solar Electricity (Grid Connected)

Solar panels installed by Going Solar

Looking to go solar for your electricity needs? Going Solar can help you reduce your power bills and your greenhouse gas emissions with a grid-connected solar power system, expertly designed for your home or premises by our in-house engineers, using quality components that are built to last. 

A Grid Connect Photovoltaics system generates 100% clean electricity via panels located on your roof. This electricity is used first for the needs of your household or building, then any excess is fed back into the power grid, potentially earning you credits from  Feed-In Tariffs.

Additional Solar Victoria Rebate Information

See if you are eligible for a Solar Victoria rebate of $1,400 and a further $1,400 Solar Victoria interest-free loan  victorian_solar_rebate_for_owner-occupiers.pdf
If you are a renter and interested in a PV system and the landlord agrees to fund the balance of the system, then a $1,400 rebate may be available   victorian_solar_rebate_for_renters.pdf

Why choose Going Solar for a grid-connected system?

When Going Solar started in 1978, we were one of the first solar electricity installers in Victoria. We went into business because we believed solar energy could play a key role in building a more sustainable future.

The industry is different now: there's a huge number of installers to choose from, most of them competing on price rather than sustainability credentials.

So why choose Going Solar?

  • In-house engineers design our solar power systems. Buildings come in different shapes and sizes, and different households and businesses use different amounts of electricity at different times. So rather than offering a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution, we take the time to develop the best solution for your building and your electricity use. Our systems are based on your needs, not our sales targets.
  • We only use quality components that are built to last. And we back this up with generous warranties: 25 years for panel performance, 5-10 years for inverters, and up to 5 years for labour.
  • We only use Clean Energy Council accredited installers and electricians. We're fanatical about the quality of our systems, so we supervise the whole process from start to finish.
  • We've won numerous awards for the quality and innovation of our work, from organisations like the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the Clean Energy Council.
  • We've been committed to sustainability for over 41 years. We're in the solar power business because we believe in it, not because we're out to make a quick dollar.

Choosing our grid-connected solar power system is easy! Going Solar have available a range of grid connect systems. The system that suits you will depend on your energy use, available roof space, and budget. We also sell Grid connect systems with battery back up so you will have some power - depending on the size of your battery storage - even during a blackout. Even if you don't wish to install batteries today it is likely that our system designers will recommend 'battery ready' grid-connected systems.

Before you begin: How energy efficient are you?

Making your energy use as efficient as possible is one of the best ways of reducing the cost of your solar system, and should always be the first step you take before "going solar". By ensuring that your home or premises is designed to be as energy-efficient as practically possible, and by using energy-efficient appliances, you can substantially reduce the cost of your solar power system.

Find out how Going Solar can help your home or business become more energy-efficient:

Solar panel installation

Installation of a solar-powered grid connect system typically takes between 1-3 days, depending on the size of the system. Our electrician will arrange a meter change or reprogram with the relevant electricity provider at the time of installation so you can export to the grid, and will let you know the associated costs. The installation process also involves an independent electrical safety inspection and approvals from your electrical distributor.

See a full outline of our typical installation process (based on customers in the CitiPower/Powercor network).

Customer satisfaction

Most importantly our customers need to be happy with their systems – it’s the reason that we are still trading in solar after 41 years. (We don’t cold call, knock on doors, or use lead generation services). We do however encourage you to read the customer testimonials in our case study section or a recent collection here:  recent_testimonals_about_going_solar.pdf

The Going Solar Commercial Profile can be found at:  going_solar_commercial_profile_jan_2020.pdf

Contact us to talk about a grid-connected solar power system. There is normally no charge for advice and a system design (unless special circumstances are involved like a complex design or long distances for a site visit).

Solar installed panels by Going Solar

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