Solar Electricity (Off Grid)

off grid solar system

Looking for an off grid solar power system? Going Solar can design and install a high quality system that frees you from the electricity grid and lets you enjoy clean, reliable power for many years to come.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems, also known as Stand Alone Power Systems or Remote Area Power Systems, are for households and organisations who are committed to clean power and who are unable to connect, or choose not to connect, to the state electricity grid.

Why Choose Going Solar for an off grid system?

Off Grid Solar Power systems require special expertise. Since you'll be relying entirely on the sun for your electricity, it's crucial to have an award-winning, experienced, trustworthy system designer and installer. Going Solar has been installing off grid systems for over 40 years, in Victoria and beyond. 

Going Solar designs and installs the highest quality off-grid solar systems, representing the latest in technology, and provides seamless integration of solar power systems, batteries, and generators.  Check out some of our case studies for more information on what is possible.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Design and Installation

Every off grid solar power system is individually designed for your building and your electricity consumption. To get started, contact Going Solar for expert technical advice, and let us work with you on your tailored solar system design today.

As part of the process of designing the best system for your needs, we conduct a load energy audit to measure the future electricity requirements at your property. To make a head start on the process, complete a copy of our Going Solar Stand Alone Power System Audit Sheet.

Additional Solar Victoria Rebate Information

See if you are eligible for a Solar Victoria rebate of $1,850 and a further $1,850 Solar Victoria interest free loan  victorian_solar_rebate_for_owner-occupiers.pdf
If you are a renter and interested in a PV system and the landlord agrees to fund the balance of the system, then a $1,850 rebate may be available  victorian_solar_rebate_for_renters.pdf


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Brands we use and recommend for Solar Electricity (Off Grid)

Winaico logo


WINAICO manufactures on an ultramodern, fully automatic production line. Ranked first in ANU tests & first at Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre.

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Uni-solar Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel

Unisolar 72W Thin Film Flexible Solar Panel triple junction amorphous solar cell

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Selectronic logo

Selectronic SP Pro inverters (Australian)

Selectronic is an Australian innovator and manufacturer of power conversion products, specifically designed for renewable energy and battery systems.

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Latronics logo

Latronics inverters (Australian)

Latronics is an Australian company that offers a wide range of products for both grid connect and off grid applications

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Victron Energy

Dutch manufacturer of inverters, chargers, battery monitors, MPPT's & everything you need for your solar applications

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Exide logo

Exide batteries

Exide Technologies is well known for its durable and reliable batteries. Exide’s Energystore series is Australian made for Australian use.

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Sonnenschein logo


Sonnenschein is an accomplished battery manufacturer founded in Germany in 1910.

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BAE logo

BAE gel batteries

BAE solar batteries are used in renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic power generation, as part of both hybrid and stand-alone systems.

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Plasmatronics logo

Plasmatronics solar regulators (Australian)

Plasmatronics is an Australian company which specialises in the design and manufacture of solar controllers for off grid battery systems.

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Australian Energy Research Laboratories (AERL) logo

AERL Maximum Power Point Tracker (Australian)

Australian Energy Research Laboratories (AERL) designs, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of power controllers.

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Outback power logo

Outback Maximum Power Point Tracker

Outback Power Technologies is the leading designer & manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile

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Morningstar logo

Morningstar solar controllers

Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters

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Radiant logo

Radiant framing

Radiant framing marks the very best in photovoltaic framing systems - pre-assembled, cost effective and fast to install.

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Phocos logo

Phocos solar charge controllers

Phocos (Germany), as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar charge controller

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has over 177 years legacy of innovation, international scope, and corporate responsibility

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