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solar hot water system

Hot water system getting old or on the blink? Thinking about replacing it with a solar system?

You may be eligible for a Solar Victoria Solar Hot Water rebate of $1,000 (if you are replacing a hot water system that is at least 3 years old).  See  victorian_solar_hot_water_rebate.pdf

Hot water is the largest single cause of energy consumption in most Australian homes, so installing a quality solar hot water system makes economic and environmental sense.

In Victoria, whether it be in Melbourne or regional areas, solar hot water systems with collectors in a sunny north facing position can provide up to 90 percent of this energy from the sun, with the remainder provided by the gas, electric or other boosting methods included with every system.

Why choose Going Solar for a solar hot water system?

Going Solar has been designing and installing solar hot water systems since 1978.

From a long history with the Adelaide based Beasley solar hot water systems (a company aquired by Rinnai Australia in 2007), Going Solar is now the proud supplier of Rinnai solar hot water systems featuring the largest range of quality Australian made system options of any brand available on the Australian market, for both domestic and commercial applications.

So why choose Going Solar?

  • In-house specialists design our solar hot water systems. We have the expertise and experience to make sure you get the system that best fits your needs, designed to maximise the amount of hot water you get from the sun, and minimise your hot water bills. 
  • We only use quality components that are built to last, backed up with generous warranties.
  • Our commitment to quality means that our installations are by plumbers who are highly experienced in solar hot water systems.
  • We've won numerous awards for the quality and innovation of our work, including the national Clean Energy Council Award for Excellence in Solar Hot Water Design and Installation three times over the last four years that a solar hot water award was created!
  • We've been advocates of environmentally sustainable living for 38 years. We're in the solar hot water business because we want to help reduce and eventually eliminate Australians' reliance on fossil fuels.

Our commitment is to provide the most effective and sustainable hot water solution for every customer, at a competitive price.

Close Coupled Systems vs Split Systems

There are two main kinds of solar hot water systems, depending on what your roof allows:

Close Coupled Systems: Installing the solar hot water storage tank directly above the collectors allows the captured solar energy to simply rise by convection from the panels into the tank, through a technically efficient process known as thermosyphoning.

Split Systems: A split hot water system is the best choice where the strength of the roof, location of existing plumbing, the choice of evacuated tubes as the most appropriate collector, or concerns about appearance make a close coupled system impractical. These systems employ temperature sensors, a circulation pump and an electronic controller to transfer heat from the collectors to the tank, when solar heat is available.

Choosing the best solar hot water system for your needs

With all the different technologies that are used to produce hot water, the hardest part of buying a new hot water system can be finding accurate information to help you make the best decision.

Going Solar operates in Victoria, Australia and can offer detailed, technical advice on the suitability of any hot water technology for temperate to cold climates, be it solar hot water systems, heat pump systems, conventional electric or gas systems, or solid fuel approaches.

When choosing a solar hot water system, collectors can be either flat plate or evacuated tube, tanks can be either stainless steel, enamel coated mild steel or copper and there are many different boosting methods available (when the solar energy available isn't enough to meet your hot water demand). 

Contact us to talk about your hot water needs.

To learn more now, download our buyer's guide:

Guide to Buying Solar Hot Water Systems in Victoria

The Going Commercial Solar Profile can be found at going_solar_commercial_profile_jan_2020.pdf

Recent Testimonals can be found at  recent_testimonals_about_going_solar.pdf

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