Commercial construction

Commercial solar panels

Looking to go solar on a construction project? Award-winning consultants Going Solar can help.

In business since 1978, award-winning consultancy Going Solar has the experience to give reliable, up-to-date, practical advice on all aspects of solar energy and environmentally sustainable design.

We can help at every stage of the project, from initial planning, to drawing up bulletproof specification and tender documents, to delivering concrete, sustainable outcomes.

We've worked on commercial projects of all kinds, from residential developments to innovative photovoltaic sound barriers along freeways.

Find out more about our solar power and solar hot water system design, or commercial consultancy on environmentally sustainable design.

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Common problems and solutions for Commercial construction

Replacing your broken hot water system

Often clients come to us wanting to replace their old or broken hot water systems. Going Solar will act quickly to ensure you have the best Solar Hot Water solution to suit your household's needs and provide energy savings straight away.

Brands we use and recommend:

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems
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Schott ASI install

System Clean & Service

System Clean & Service work is carried out by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited electrical contractor and includes cleaning the solar array with a deionised water pressure cleaner specially designed for glass, inverter data check, electrical cabling wiring check and circuit breaker/ isolator tests.  A detailed report is provided to the system owner on completion. Prices start from:

$369 inc GST – single storey
up to 3kW then an additional $10 per panel thereafter. More info here.

Commercial systems: Contact us for a quote.

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microinverter install

Microinverters improve performance under partial shading

If your roof is partially shaded, small, or on a difficult orientation, this package is for you. It features a set of Enphase Microinverters, to be mounted on the back of each solar panel individually. Microinverters improve the energy harvest of small systems, and last longer than conventional string inverter. But most importantly, by converting the electricity from DC to AC at the module level, microinverters prevent one shaded panel from taking out the whole array, allowing systems exposed to shading to work throughout the day.

Brands we use and recommend:

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Winaico cemmercial solar roof install

Large scale solar at competitive prices

This package demonstrates quality commercial solar systems at competitive prices. The Winaico panels provide excellent efficiency, while also being very reliable. Winaico offers a WST model project module that has been introduced for commercial systems. Aurora Power-One have recently established themselves as the world’s second-largest provider of solar inverters, after German SMA. The Aurora PVI series are optimised for Australian condition and have a proven track record. Aurora Power-One three-phase feed-in system to get the most out of your unused power.

Brands we use and recommend:

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