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Want your church, school or community group to go solar? With over 35 years working on sustainability projects with community organisations, Going Solar can help. We grew out of a community group ourselves, so community organisations feel like home to us.

Going Solar has a long-term, proven commitment to sustainability, and award-winning experience in solar electricity and solar hot water system design. Like you, we take the long view: it's not about making a quick buck, it's about implementing quality systems that will make your premises more sustainable and energy efficient for decades to come.

If you have a sustainability target to meet, we'll help you meet it, while also saving on energy bills.

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Common problems and solutions for Community organisations

Replacing your broken hot water system

Often clients come to us wanting to replace their old or broken hot water systems. Going Solar will act quickly to ensure you have the best Solar Hot Water solution to suit your household's needs and provide energy savings straight away.

Brands we use and recommend:

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems
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microinverter install

Microinverters improve performance under partial shading

If your roof is partially shaded, small, or on a difficult orientation, this package is for you. It features a set of Enphase Microinverters, to be mounted on the back of each solar panel individually. Microinverters improve the energy harvest of small systems, and last longer than conventional string inverter. But most importantly, by converting the electricity from DC to AC at the module level, microinverters prevent one shaded panel from taking out the whole array, allowing systems exposed to shading to work throughout the day.

Brands we use and recommend:

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Winaico solar array

Gold solution - Winaico + SMA Sunny Boy inverter

Gold: Winaico 260W WSP poly Modules* + SMA Sunny Boy inverter. This package offers highly efficient Winaico Panels, paired with a high-end German SMA SunnyBoy inverter. Combined, these represent the pinnacle of both modern photovoltaic panels, and single unit inverter systems.

*Can be upgraded to ultra-efficient 280W Winaico Quantum Panels, to get the highest possible yield from your roof space.

Brands we use and recommend:

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