Rinnai solar hot water installed roof

Do you work for a government body, and want your buildings to go solar? With over 35 years of experience in solar projects for government, Going Solar can help.

We're experts at tailoring solutions for solar power and hot water. With in-house system designers and accredited installers, our systems are designed for maximum longevity and return for investment.

But in our long experience, we've also learned that getting a quality solar project up and running is about more than just the design and installation. You need to make a business case, based on cost savings as well as sustainability. You need help with drafting specifications and tender documents. And you need advice about accessing any State or Federal Government funds that you might be eligible for.

A Going Solar consultant can make it happen from start to finish.

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Common problems and solutions for Government

Replacing your broken hot water system

Often clients come to us wanting to replace their old or broken hot water systems. Going Solar will act quickly to ensure you have the best Solar Hot Water solution to suit your household's needs and provide energy savings straight away.

Brands we use and recommend:

Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems
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microinverter install

Microinverters improve performance under partial shading

If your roof is partially shaded, small, or on a difficult orientation, this package is for you. It features a set of Enphase Microinverters, to be mounted on the back of each solar panel individually. Microinverters improve the energy harvest of small systems, and last longer than conventional string inverter. But most importantly, by converting the electricity from DC to AC at the module level, microinverters prevent one shaded panel from taking out the whole array, allowing systems exposed to shading to work throughout the day.

Brands we use and recommend:

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Tigo module maximizers & smart modules

For large systems, monitoring the output of every module is critical for achieving Return of Investment (ROI) goals as quickly as possible. Tigo Energy Smart Modules make this easy. The smart modules have Tigo maximizers built-in at the junction box of each PV panel, and provide Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), voltage regulation and all the features Tigo features you expect. Tigo Maximizers can also be retrofitted to any module of your choice.

US designed Tigo Energy Module Maximizers utilise patented impedance matching technology, enabling 25% more power density and efficiency, uneven string lengths, different orientations, partial shading, simplifying design and installation, improving fire safety, and ensuring the highest uptime and reliability with cloud-based monitoring. With Tigo smart modules, your system will pay for itself in no time.

Brands we use and recommend:

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